At the Genetics Laboratories we strive to provide affordable testing for patients or families who require genetic testing. There are several options for payment.


Hospitals, clinics and laboratories can create an institutional billing account with monthly invoicing options.


  • Our facility is contracted with most commercial insurance providers.
  • Our staff will process insurance prior authorizations (PA) on behalf of the patient whenever allowable. We can also provide assistance to clinicians in submitting letters of medical necessity and supporting documentation.
  • If authorization for testing is denied by the insurance provider the ordering clinician is contacted to discuss options.
  • This facility complies with applicable statues and rules governing insurance billing and claims for reimbursement.
  • Patients are responsible for any co-insurance, and unmet deductibles established by the insurance carrier.
  • After an insurance claim has been processed will the patient receive a billing statement. All billing statements will be issued by OU Physicians Patient Accounts.
  • We are contracted with Oklahoma Medicaid programs and will obtain PAs and file claims on behalf of the patient.


We offer self-pay options for patients with insurance policies that apply extraordinarily high deductibles or deny access to genetic testing. Representatives can assist the patient in setting up a budget plan payment arrangement. Families may contact OU Physicians Patient Accounts representatives to discuss by calling 405-271-1500.



Contact Information

OUHSC Genetics Laboratory 1122 NE 13th Street, Suite 1400, Oklahoma City, OK 73104

Phone (405)271-3589 Fax (405)271-7117 After hours phone (405)496-9514


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